The OmniMax Difference

The OmniMax Roofing system is the first revolutionary change in roofing technology in over 100 years. It offers dramatic improvements in cost, performance, product life expectancy, and environmental impact over traditional roofing products used today. Utilizing a proprietary shingle composition and a simplified patented hook and loop installation method, OmniMax Roofing aims to partner with manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of conventional, asphalt-based roofing products to bring radical change to the industry for decades to come.

OmniMax’s lighter and more durable shingle material, combined with a patented hook and loop installation method, creates a roofing system that will out-perform traditional asphalt roofing in every way. This innovative system virtually eliminates leaks; will not lift, tear, or curl; will not degrade in extreme temperatures or precipitation; is completely resistant to hail damage; is fire resistant; is environmentally friendly; can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional asphalt; and is estimated to last 50+ years.