One mid-summer day, Faron Akins was re-roofing his home with traditional asphalt shingles and became frustrated with the messy and laborious process. During a break he thought to himself: “There HAS to be a better way.” Resuming his work back on the roof, he reached for a pocket in his tool belt to grab a handful of nails and upon pulling open the Velcro flap, he had a Eureka! moment. Right then and there, an idea for a new roofing system was born. Faron immediately shared the idea with his brother Daron and the two began the conceptualization and development of an innovative system that would combine maximum performance and durability with faster and easier installation. They applied for and were awarded a broad-based utility patent and have worked tirelessly, consistently, and diligently to bring this game-changing technology to market.

After several years of research and development, they formed OmniMax Roofing, Inc. In 2014, they were able to extensively test a 3rd generation prototype in conjunction with an industry related insurance powerhouse that yielded promising results. Subsequent strategic reviews by major manufacturing heavyweights such as Velcro USA, 3M, and Carlisle-Syntec resulted in positive feedback with interest in and on-going discussions for getting the product to market. Since then, final product testing and development of manufacturing procedures began and licensing is planned for mid-2016.

Steven C. Moore


Steven Moore has over 20 years of manufacturing and international business management experience in a variety of industries at a senior management level.

Faron L. Akins

Founder/Chairman of the Board/Co-Inventor

Faron Akins is a leading expert in polymer utilization applied to roofing with over 6,000 hours of research and technical data application. He is the Primary Developer and Co-Inventor of OmniMax Roofing, Inc.

Daron L. Akins

Founder/Co-Chairman of the Board/Co-Inventor

Daron Akins is a leading expert in polymer utilization for roofing applications with over 4,000 hours of research and technical data application. He is the Co-Developer and Co-Inventor of OmniMax Roofing systems and is the lead designer of the overall system.

Jeff B. Davis


Jeff Davis is a business development specialist with 21 years of management experience in the areas of strategic planning, marketing, branding, sales and entrepreneurship. His approach to life and business embraces innovative practices and forward thinking vision.

Niels H. Pedersen

Technical Director/CFO

Niels Pedersen has over 40 years experience in international business management. His expertise covers all aspects of running a business, managing sales staff, production staff, product development, and marketing functions.